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Would you like to book a magician for your child's birthday party or other special event? We offer excellent magicians that are experienced and professional and can perform at both corporate events as well as children's birthday parties. Birthday party shows usually include balloon animals for all the kids.

Steve the Magician's short video.


Mingle magic is very popular in Barrie. A magician will stroll through the audience performing close up magic tricks, interacting with the audience on a more personal level, amazing and entertaining your guests.

At a child's birthday party in Barrie the magician (entertainer) will perform a comedy magic show with lots of audience participation and may produce a live bunny rabbit for the grand finale (some of our magicians have a live rabbit so if you wish the magician to bring the bunny rabbit be sure to make your request known at the time of booking your performer) and then he will make amazing balloon animals for all the children. Some of the illusionists will teach a mini magic workshop instead of the balloons if you wish.

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Santa Claus for hire near Barrie. We now have excellent Santa Claus impersonators to perform at company functions and private events. What Christmas party is complete without a Santa Claus visit.

The Magician with the magical watches

"The Watch Magician"
He loves to make watches disappear from people's arms and then magically reappear on his!

Caricature artist creation of Red Green
Caricature of Red Green
"The duct tape man"
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Strolling close up magic
Strolling close up magic.


Comedy Magic show with live bunny rabbit
Magician with bunny rabbit

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Santa Claus in Barrie for hire
Christmas is coming!
Book Santa Claus to visit your Christmas party or home party!
Santa Claus is coming to Barrie




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